twigs of the poetree     :)

Good Poetree month to all, Write on.  For all you do and
don't, here's a few twigs of the poetree, c'est moi, pour
vous :)

                                   a longest day

On World Refugee Day we heard, saw, read, said,
studies, events, reports testifying to the facts that since
'03 the # is up 21 %, mostly in Afghanistan (was the # 3
largest narco-state before the war, under usa supervision
it's become # 1), Iraq, countries we've war torn to shreds,
Somalia, which we occasionally bomb, attack, and Sudan;
millions premeditatedly mass-murdered by the corporate
structure's determining all global to national systems are
based on scarcity, instead of abundance.  This while,
sadly, 5-07, was the deadliest month for usa troops, yet.  
A dozen Iraqis die from the war an hour.  "We're loosing a
battalion a month", reports a top General.  Out of every 5
killed by coalition forces, 1 is a civilian; when they figure
this war, if it ends in 2 years, will cost us 2 trillion, they're
not figuring in war reparations, a minimum for the
genocide we've caused.  Meanwhile, the autocrats who
rule almost all Middle Eastern countries, many of whom
bought the usa military as their personal mercenary force
to mass-murder their middle to lower class people into
submission in the future, from the Bushes, are getting
skittish because it seems the republican conspiracy can't
engineer the Iraq war into an unending one successfully,
let alone the global unending supposed Christian
crusading war they hoped for.  Although, Bush did say,
"the war in Iraq may last over 50 years, like in Korea", the
other day.  You must already know what they're pre-
imperial election continual refrains will be, "we're turning
the corner", "victory is at hand", "don't be a defeatocrat",
"the end's 'round the bend", "we're winning", "6 months
more to success", "victory is around the corner", "just 1
more surge", etc.; being that you've heard it all before,
for the last 4 years. They think they legitimize the
remocrat conspiracy, as they have the corporate
structure's convolution, while that organized
conglomeration of enumerable crime families and
conspiracies, not only devolves all, it determines
extermination of humanity and dictates the extinction of
large mammals and human beings, but, they can't; they
just confess to being fascist collaborators, without whom
fascists couldn't do all they do, and don't all they don't.  
As well, if they think the false legitimization of unending,
unnecessary war in Iraq, will legitimize, and be
successfully engineered into, unnecessary global uber
unending supposed Christian crusading war, just
because the Bushes contracted that it would with the
Middle Eastern countries autocrats, you've got another
thing coming; namely, presidential and congressional
elections.  They say cliche, take back the night, when we
never had the day; each one teach one, when we had to
be real to reach one, first; closing the economic gap,
when that chasm is demanded by scarcity being the basis
for systems, undoing nature's abundance, et al.  Why,
'cause the knew catch word is real, so they sound it,
mimic it, pretend to be, when all they're doing is
fashioning the next phase in what they project to be their
realism show, schism in reality.  While most supposed
Christians are more like Satan worshippers than
Christians, in their religious practices, actually, so too, all
supposed are anti: scientists, artists, politicians (without
dempublicans collaboration remocrats wouldn't rule;
without socialists collaboration totalitarians wouldn't rule
the left; independents, more republican conspiratorial
than most in their pushing bipartisanship like a drug),
academes, and most other religious practitioners.  Why
are republican conspiracies' pitbulls, like Coulter, who
just suggested "Edwards should be attacked by
terrorists", turning rabid, chanting their mantra, "white
water", like it's the best rapids and they're extreme sports
fanatics, while the only white foam we're seeing is from
their mouths, 'cause, here and now, they see a 'tunity,
with this impending imperial election, to destroy any
remnant of democracy in the united suck of assassins.  
The duopoly devolving into the duopolar axi of republican
and totalitarian conspiracies, continually; whose powers
increasingly dictate the extinction of human beings, large
mammals, through the extermination of humanity. This
day, at sun's height, still, Happy Rhodes lyric, "There's a
beacon in the sky meant to catch your eye", a point to
uplift our visions, and solar energy, aren't.  So, nihlistic
narcissism, vampirism, cannibalism as sociological
process; machinelike rote, sociological programmed
memory, regurgitation as education; non-spiritual
conformity to process, empty rites as religious study, life;
organized conspiratorial crime as business, medicine,
healthcare, science, art, which has determined people
devolve into extremist automatons, addicted to much, yet,
at least, to consumerism, loyal parts in "la machine",
conspirators on a scale between corporate agent to
assassin for the empire, almost all corporate agents, and,
increasingly, supposed Christian assassins;
unsustainable earth murder (the largest tool for
supposedly garnering increasing delusional profits and
pleasures in, increasingly, cyclical, centralizing patterns);
extinction of species at a rate not seen since the last ice
age ensued (including bees, butterflies, without which
nothing is pollinated, nor grows); unending, they hope,
unnecessary war (the second largest tool...) in Iraq,
which will lead to, they hope, unnecessary global uber
unending supposed Christian crusading war (a
necessitated precursor to the militarization of the world to
enforce the extinction processes and murder all people
who, finally, stand against the extermination of humanity
by destruction of ecosystems permanently altering
weather cycles, which exponentially increases the
number and severity of all supposedly natural disasters,
and war) and the end of all democratic processes,
everywhere.  Delusional profits and pleasures, for, the
destroying of eco-systems stops their creation of our
food, water, oxygen, which will cost humanity
astronomically more to produce, in the future, than the
limited short term profits their destruction seems to
garner, now.  Still, "we, the people..." suffer the GOP's
criminal insanity, thousands dying from unnatural
disasters, our forests going up in smoke, a battalion
being lost a month; trillions to unnecessary war, no more
for the poor, elderly, kids, college students, handicapped,
homeless, homeowners, disabled, ill, small and organic
farmers, small business owners, etc.; no amnesty for 12
million of our best (before borders bolstered), no national
conversations on racial and religious profiling, national
healthcare, teaching as opposed to preaching vacuous
lies, global warming, the evolution, life; as their direction
is devolutionary and death.  Meanwhile, supposedly,
Jesus, in most hearts, everyone's friend, walks again.  
What would he say about the millions murdered in his
name, his preacher in chief, Bush, purposely not
preventing the attacks on 9-11, this supposed Christian
gov't purposely: not preventing unnatural disasters like
New Orleans levees, which broke under the pressure of
no repairs; reporting studies showing "acts of terrorism
down", before the '04 elections, and after the election,
they "made an oopsy, it's actually up"; reporting studies
showing "poverty is down", before the '06 elections, and
after it, "it's up, they were off by 40 %"; foreclosures,
homelessness, poverty up, to highest level since before
the '29 crash?  About the corporate structure's war
against the middle class to poor, the riches' ravaging of
humanity and earth, while unabashedly giving themselves
an "unending tax breaks" during "unending war"?  Many
crusades, and 100,000's of Islamic men, women and
children savaged, later, the supposed Christian,
crusaders assassinating with their crosses, knew nothing
of Isa until he, the most merciful, Muhammed, forgave
them the unforgivable, and they fled the Holy land, to
crusade no more; 'til now.  Not as then, the crosses they
bore to behead children, bear them now, they pray and
say they're martyred as they did then, grace bandied
about like crusaders give out candy, knowing nothing of
Isa, or him.  They will leave or die 'til they do, today, as it
was a millennium ago, Islam is gathering, as well.  For,
the intellect can't lead, as the life doesn't follow, so too,
clarity is a sword that cuts all ways, without, as there is no
cutting, and a pointless point.  The Sword of Islam,
always, and in all ways, knows.  Will "we,..." go the way of
the dodo bird, just another species we devolved to
extinction, unlike ants and roaches, being evolutionarily
superior to us, as they can't choose to be extinct like we
did; or, will we rise to take back the day?  


I don't suffer, or, suffer from,
Eurocentrism, northern malaise,
Nor, academia; a blood disease.

C'est La Unvie

A million monarchs lie dead, though,
No less sociological programming of
Upper-middle to rich classes with
Decadence, affluence, inclusion, is.
No less societal determination of
Middle to lower, being excluded by
Division and conquering, privation.

Yet, they, on wing no more, still fly
In our spirit's eye, heal humanities'
Heart. While their silent cry echoes
The 33,000 species extinct each year,
A rate not seen since the last ice age
Ensued; does it move you?
Does your curiosity ask why?

Will you, on this 33rd Earth Day, allow
A tear for all life's fallen? Consider
The losses economic apartheid incurs,
Mirrored by the divide human-centricity
Has levied? Our underlying duplicitous
Disregard for life, greed and oil fueled,
Won't abate for our existence, will you?

( For the beautiful butterflies )


Walking through this valley grayed,
Whence mountains have been laid
Low, I follow not, nor lead,
Being unleveled, unknown.
Though, still I'm one, and the
Footprints I do not leave,
Trace none. Yet,

For every eagle feather glided this
Way, I stand. It may be our
Sister's and brother's last hand,
That's if they be the family of
Man, and men be man.

It's said, one who will raise the
Dead will come, and, as well, lead
All on. I raised but a few sights
Further, so I doubt that one will
Walk this way. Though, the Life
Is indivisible, there's only you,
Here and now!


Life's signs and meanings
Perceived by all our senses and
Being's foci of attention, can
Divine from within and without.
That's if our inner-eye
Isn't clouded by false-ego,
Self-conscious self, or doubt.


Addressing, not addressing them
have costs, the former is individual,
the latter is global, as well.

ends or means

Neither do I embrace.
Rather, the struggle well run,
Which uplifts us uncrowned,
Every moment humans race!


If you don't exercise it,
Its Siamese twin sister, freedom,
Will wither, like a muscle, as well.

A Weaver Of Life

Happy Birthday
To a student of Christ's and Ghandi's.
One who had a dream that someday
We'd live in the promised land and
Took us by the hand.

Yet, we won't get there
If you don't break your chains,
Refusing to be a pawn in their games.
We can't turn our back to those
Unchosen, on the outside or in,
Simply 'cause they can't afford.

We can bring them with us, if we,
Resisting, everyday, their common
Delusions, not be a link in that chain.
The chains that keep our humanities
Growth arrested, our potentials
Unexplored; our thoughts,
Feelings, and deeds flawed.

If you don't refuse
To be the chains that bind you,
We'll never break the chain.
The chain that murders.
The chain of delusions.
The chain of death.


Talk the talk, walk the walk, and even
Be the be, but, if you don't vote the vote,
You'll never be livin' in a democracy!

"Love Is Not All"

They ask what they know. For, if I'm, but,
the shadow of a man, then, my life proceeds
me, no? As their psychic abomination
breathes my life, again they refrain, "she rides
on your back", I Beren be, on paths untold,
On Elbereth, of old. They mock, and harking
boast, as they've already drunk many a toast
to what is man's, woman's death, entombed,
in-crested by their seal, their ghastly host.

False-ego, the answer to their opening joke,
their precious just a parlance for,
what you grasp possesses you. "Though,
if there's no possession, how could this be
true?" The body, phenomena too, of
elements and to elements goes. Like attracts
like, the earth beckons, as well, to her womb.
Yet, as Longfellow's "Psalm of Life", retorts,
"dust thou art, to dust returnest, wasn't
spoken of the soul." Nor, of spirit, the whole.

Grimace, they fear undermining life's fabric,
the evolution, will be more arduous than
undoing a thread. I liken their mask to Eric
Fromm's admonition, "people tend to escape
from freedom to familiar forms of authority."
What of the fullest reach of life, being
ourselves to be? There, they fade, "From
Whence..., To Wither", they go, shadow.

For, now Socrates entreats them with, "the
unexamined life's not worth living". Defying
the tacit assumptions of their convolution,
like, winner, loser, predator, prey, sides,
the most fit instead of those that fit most
to reality. Why, you ask, do they substitute
slogans for being? 'Cause, "the introspective
life takes more courage than soldiering." Still
ossifying, the corporate machine continues to
shape the world in its own adolescent,
patriarchal, oligarchic image, as it has God.

Here, hear, off in the distance, hearts tattoo,
Cornel West's "Socratic, prophetic, brought
together blues." For, it's old news that "we've
hardly any rights, and liberties left. Just
sounding brass, tinkling cymbals." Reigning
on humanities' parade. You see, we've not
exercised our responsibility, so, its Siamese
sister, freedom, has withered as well. As
Emily Dickinson's poem's refrain refrains,
"Not In Vain", now, will we be this day,
what it is to be this day?


Waves spraying our faces, for, we don't walk the walk.
The beaches edge, which ever changes, is where we,
Sky, earth, moon and sea meet.

Breezing through the strong breeze, the
Fuller our lungs the lighter we'd run,
It was to be, with ease.

As reality, she and I stalked ourselves
In those shells silences, like when
We leaped from a slip on a rock to the next, well.
Then sitting still, we glistened, the sun splashing
Through us, as the ocean's and our salt were one.

Her thoughts and mine flowed,
Our feelings were its ebb and flow.
Nature, true, would not be unsung.

That blue gray cloudy day found us in the end.
Finding it by moons ray, our ears to waves did lend.
It was as our footprints,

Truly there, 'til waves did gently lift.
For, if it were that we held it,
Like sand grasped, it wouldn't be a gift.

A Flute Echoes Us

A light within that has always been without
As well, grows, while life's vultures ever circle,
Below. Why has it always been that human beings
Who be more so, have had to be exiles in
Their own lands? This time, more than any other
Before, beckons all life to be most vividly that.
As long as I can, walking the road in the world,
Which is the unwinding path within,
Will enlighten; as it does.

Listening to a song sung and un, without words and
Nature's sing me, I'm naught, but, it's echo and
The mountain which does not rise as that eagle's
Talon leaves a rock perched in its eyre, I,
At the top. Singing, this voiceless rock that isn't,
Resounds a universe's song, which leaving as
A talon did, is felt sky bound, for, it ever plays on.
Now, a galactic wind weaves me through that
Stormless storm, on this unspeck of dust, to here.

Being filled with this songs silences,
I'm reminded of where our mundane life and
The unseen are one. Walking that balance we glean
That living is the grist of our individual mills, and
Discover that inner unfolding is unending.
As well, life is the grist of realities' mill.

So, we've come to pass and learn, as well as teach,
Through life on that wheel, what it is to be,
From within and without.
Ergo, ourselves are the question we always ask,
And the answer we never find. For, when
You put your finger on it, it's no longer there.

The Rainbow's Gift

Blood, forever pouring
For all life, not
One drop spilt, and
Truth, never yellowing,
Though, ever changing,
Create orange, you see;
On the palette of to be!


In between words and lines,
Poetry's music fathoms
The depths of our heart,
The heights of our intellect
And imagination,
Breadth of our spirit,
Well of our soul,
Alluding to the unknown;
Saliently. For, the muse
But whispers, silently;
Moving in mysterious ways.

Painting's music?
Inexpressible and felt,
Unknowable and experienced;
Of echoing images and silences.
Even the shadow
Speaks of the light!

Shadow and Light

Growing, expression, experience,
Movement, uplifting of mind,
Then heart of dance, "To leap and
Contend", choreographed by self
Unfolding, is art incarnate;
Gestured. ...As in language symbols
Letter poets words through
Their languid dance on leaf,
Thus evoked lifelines are
Freer and freed.

As well, a non-chiseled beauty
Expresses humanity in children's...,
Only the non-sculpted can unsculpt.
Dances soul, our viscosity shadows
Its expressions breadth, realized
In depth through compassion,
Is being universally accessible
Only from inside one's self .
Spirit, quintessential experience of
Fluidity in movements enlivening;
Muse, soma, piety, gaiety.
Earth and sky, we, as agua
Uncontainably articulated, dance!

silent siren

As embryo brought to not know,
With ancient forests gone,
Obsolescence of rights,
Liberty's torch scorched, bell cracked,
Knell snatched, how could she go on.
Yet, borne in arms drawn
From beyond man's loss,
Though, bearing that cross,
We, midwived through the body of blue, go!
For, we hear the call resounding from earth,
As the sun illumines and springs burst,
Gaia's silence implores, humanity
Be not my stillbirth!


Your living was a gift.
Your life taken shows us
All how we're not being.
Taking our own lives,
In effect, by not doing
All we can.

You may be dead, yet,
Still, you give us insight,
That we're not fully alive.

May your memory be
A constant reminder of
What we lose when
We fail to be;
That being everything.

(For Amadou Diallo, who was assassinated by NYPD with
41 bullets (as a message to Africans, et al), when he
complied with their request “to show them id”, by reaching
into his back pocket for his wallet.)

Carry On

'We will never stop
'Til we get our freedom.'
The song sings, while them that kill it,
Greed driven, avarice ridden, never
Filling their enlarging hole inside, for,
They can't be, nor hide
Their poverty or deathly stride,

Murder to die.
These murderers of life
For delusional profits and pleasures,
Why aren't they tried?
Delusions are sweet,
Illusions sweeter.

So, what do we do?
Their choosing is losing their potential
To grow, and personal power in the
Moment so, we show the growth, and
Walk towards the dream,
We're realizing for both.

While life, here and now, is the point
Made with art, in our hearts,
Our beings are the heart of the point.
So, it is I stand and say,
The murder stops here.
Turning our back to the convolution,
We walk, evolution's way.

"The Mouse That Clicked"

They say, "where's your passion,
That's why your dead."
It's not delusional pleasures
Which brings the dew to eye,
Mind, to ask why, a bird to fly.

The life, what, is it?
...Is more to be then it is;
In potentia, evolving.
They say, "Caesar hasn't
Gotten his due."
Reality, silently echoes,
Extinction's on your way.

They say, "everything's
La machine"; the
Convolution's devolution,
Bragging. I say,
"We", still being
The life, will!


A raindrop forms
In love's eye.
Joy, sadness, let go.


Fire in the sky
And your art,
Entering my eye,

Going Sane, Or In?

The F.B.I. knew, but, didn't tell. The military,
No response until an hour after initial attack.
No air force jets scrambled, to shoot the
Commandeered ones down. Soon, the Central Lack
Of Intelligence Agency will dictate, it wasn't known.

According to the Emperor, in his new threads, he
Will be "victorious in this Christian Crusade against
All terrorists and their supporters", to the 4 corners.
This while the British empire couldn't take the I.R.A.,
Even on their best day. Yes, he really meant,
Non-Christian, non-whites, especially the ones who've
Been pounded for hundreds of years by war with the
Brits, Russians, et al; and eventually, all who disagree.

For, we can't forget his edict to the world,
"Either you're on our side, or you're terrorists".
As if this weren't criminal enough, they're talking
About using nuclear weapons. So, we've W.W.III
Against one of the poorest countries, already in rubble,
Getting famine relief, who practice the fastest growing
Religion, Islam, to kill them and cut OPEC's edge on
US oil; while making radioactive dust?

Then, a chorus of supposed feminists chime in,
"They've oppressed women and children for years.
War is good, as long as women are in leadership after."
Have we forgotten, destruction and murder are
Of no value, they just reinforce the effects of cyclical
Deprivation? There are no "sides", that is a delusion?
How could "we" be so lost, or let them lead us astray?


Is man deserted in the Middle East?
Does it bleed him as we bleed the earth,
The fouling of one sky always following?

How could the sons of Isaac and Ishmael,
So, not remember their way? Thinking
They're choosing peacing and warring on
Each other for delusional profits, pleasures,
While sanguine sands mark their real loss
Of life, humanities' loss of time.

Wasn't it written, God is watching and
We are returning, as the home of heart
In a child beckons the man that becomes?
Isn't it so, our souls call to us in silences?
Yet, the military machine rolls. What is,
Or could be, heard by any above this?

A woman martyr, 18, imploded by the lies
Taught to her from U.S. written, donated
Textbooks, explodes, taking hers and
Others lives from us. Same as the shining
Sun seems to divine famine.

Here, clouds relent, watering soil,
Cleansing spiritually, some mind's eyes.
While the media's constant chides of,
"You're not the earth, reality isn't your
Womb, rather, a tomb divined",
Though, only smoke and mirrors, divide.

Yet, the life, indivisible, defies, a flower
Blossoms, Michaelangelo's... roll by,
An avian's trill still rings true.
So, what of me and you.

Will we allow individual injustices to go
Unchallenged, devolving into global ones?
Our freedoms to wither, for, we didn't
Exercise our responsibilities? Deaths
Dirge to purge our evolutionary calling?
Manifest destinies rag to drag us through
Their mud, determining the unactuation
Of life, our and large mammals extinction?

Or, will birdsong be sung
Of what we've done?
Let not the only tear to eye be their
Destined flood. Let our sojourns longing
Redefine the sublime in mornings
Awakening. Let life at humanities' hearth
Grow, our being veracity and loving sow.

Exigency Or Humanity?

CIA, KGB, tell us, routine illegal acts of premeditated
Mass-murder guarantee the people's liberty; a higher
Morality. The life knows criminal insanity guards not
Humanity, or anything else. Rather, it devolves it to
Non-existence. For, morality isn't its contradiction.
Being humane, alive, isn't an exercise in theoretical
Philosophy, where tautologically, anything can "be".

Because the inmates have been running the asylum
For too long, "we" can't afford to be mesmerized by
Their mechanistic play; they fabricate as life.
No matter how much their smoke and mirrors,
Song and dance, forcibly fill our populaces eyes,
We can still teach destruction and murder are of no
Real value; and the delusion of sides doesn't exist!

Though, they insist, "those disagreeing are terrorists,
If you're not premeditatedly mass-murdering them,
You are them and should be murdered". What will
Come of their exigency that society meet the needs
Of their extreme religions: supposed science, greed,
Militarism, organized religions, and materialism?
What will be the price society paid in advance, for,
Not effectively separating them all from the state?

As Reich relates, supported by Adler, that descent on
Jacob's ladder is to fascism, individually, communally
Imposed hell; easy to sell to the devolved.
Is it any wonder, this perdition will be realized by
The make believe "Christian" crusade, following in
The Roman Catholic Empire's missteps? How could
We separate it from the state, when we failed to do so
With supposed science, materialism, militarism, etc.?

Where will the emperor in his new threads lead us?
When he states, "terrorists must be smoked out,
Made to run, and killed", he reminds me of Bacon,
Who dictated that, "nature must be hounded into
Wandering, bound into service, made a slave".
As his forbearer, and a make believe Christian too,
He equates humans to animals, denigrating himself
With fascism; while dangerously projecting it to all.

Yes, the Twin Towers, temples of doom, were felled.
Yet, multiplying our past mistaken cycles of war, will
Only reap future destruction, not prevent it.
For decades now, the Non-American, non-Christian,
Non-white world has suffered the unnatural disasters,
Caused by the technological worlds permanently
Altering weather cycles. Their blood also oiling
The US war machine. Millions of tragic deaths
To advance "America's way of life", et al; also, a rate
Of species extinction not seen since before the last
Ice age ensued, and eco-systems destruction realizing
Our future extinction, now. When it'll be, unknown.

Those same imperatives of extremist greed, etc.,
Dictate we use non-renewable energy sources,
Determining humanities fall on the horizon. All
While our countries crisis of perception is projected
As superfluous and supercilious, and the forces
Dividing us from within are given carte blanche.
How could we forget Blake's admonition, "you've
Got to keep from the single vision of Newton's
Sleep", detailing our need to think independently.
For, survival can't replace evolution's nexus, alival.
Or, Thoreau's, that "the only necessity for evil to
Rule a land, is for good men to remain silent".

How could the extremist unending war against
Terrorisms exigency be anything more than the
Efficient and automatic societal transference from
Nihilistic-narcissism to fascisms raison d'etre,
To not be humane. Have we allowed the exigency of
The Cartesian based definition of time to determine us
To be automatons? Why allow Isaac's and Ishmael's
Peacing and warring on each other to determine the
Necessity of the extremism of war; and the muting of
Shakespeare's "relations make music of the spheres"?

Can't we, as Illich relates, "de-school society",
Before avarice determines it's too late?
Do we just fall behind in trying times, or allow
Potentia space to realize growth by struggling,
Relating, thinking, emoting, more, not less? Will
Humanity evoke, or exigency revoke all rights,
In reality? Though Liberty's torch is scorched,
Bell cracked, knell snatched, will we rise to
Fraternity's call? As Blake relates, "if the doors
Of perception were cleansed, everything would
Appear as it is, infinite", in all its possibilities.

A Sign Of The Time

The emperor says, you're either with WWIII, or again'
Us, proving, "from the mouth of babes comes wisdom.";
Just not theirs. Soothes say, here's where it all has to
Happen, seems so; for, if not us, who, here, where,
Now, when, or possibly never? Following la machine's
Fearless lead, Tim Robbins chimes out, "Let us war on
Violence". With enemies like these, the republican's
Convolution's direction of devolution doesn't need
Friends, sure why not be a waron, instead of a moron;
The resemblance, striking, literally. Yet, like PBS,
It's the best we have, and unlike hbo, it's not b.o. A
Chorus, unchiming, that having's an illusion, drowned
Out by their show, is still. 'Cause, isn't the delusion
Built on it, possession, it 9/10 ths of the law, a corner-
Stone of that most vacuum up economic tool of mollock,
War? They hark, what about take away game theory.
This, while the U.S. sucks up 80% of earth's riches,
Being only 5% of its population, causing permanently
Altered weather cycles, determining unnatural disasters
That kill millions, and will billions. C'est la unvie,
They must die so the autocracy ever-concentrates at the
Top, unnatural selection, user, used, predator, prey,
They say. Yet, using is illusion, evolutionary agree-
Ment, reality. Though, the suck: lack of investment in
Innercities, unschools programming memory skills, the
Prison industrial complexes defacto-slavery, the injust-
Ice systems premeditated massmurdering death penalty,
Make believe Christianities antilife unchoices, splitting
Of atom, earth-murder causing extinction, could be the
Start of an eventual blackhole; after they trash Gaia
And flee the collapsing solar system, a losing race to
Escape their ignoring, if responsibility isn't exor-
Cised, its Siamese sister, freedom, will wither, as well.
Now, the Oracle of Tevi illumines, Bishop Desmond
Tutu's "co-creation" is beautiful. But, won't the last
Guy be watching the best show the corporates could
Produce before he dies and humanity is nevermore;
'Cause it chose it wasn't by ignoring destruction is of
No value, murder is suicide stretched over ones future?

Ring Unbroken

The way open,
Beyond time and bone of space,
In front of nose, original face.


As my breath is the one, prana,
And the life's pulse, pala,
Reaching angelic source, sura,
So is this mind, manas, a
Flowering unfoldment,
Unendingly touching
The eye that would it see;
Unbeckoning unto thee.
As well, this Bodhi, a temple,
Of the four and fifth, nur,
So entered by atma, a ray of thy sun,
Thus being winged, and
As such with wind;
Flying only in dharma's dance,
Is returning to, Brahma, you.
For, there yet, by thy grace, go I.


Timeless, sublime, tonal,
Melodious sojourn into life, self.
River banks, as petal and thorn
Roll, filled by agua's flow;
Entwining on her bed,
Know, love is. Mauna,
Silence, echoes its song;
Which no words could trace.
Thus ananda, bliss, intimates
The eternal, and details
Living shantih, peace.


One lived as prayer,
Their light adding
To the well of light,
Their every step in grace,
They left no footprints;
That will echo always.

(With Mother Theresa in mind)


Feeling with your spirits hands,
See with the eye of your heart,
Hear with the ear of your soul,
And know with the body
Of life's knowledge,
We can be prayer;
Being forever answered.


While feeling sacred on
This All Hallow's Day,
I also feel pangs of the
Hungry, so wrought by
The profane; for the food
Wasted by us could feed
All the world's.... Yet,
Betwixt, in the mundane
It's only hurled.


Sword that cuts all ways,
Without, for, there's no cutting;
And a pointless point.


You, a joyous lake.
Me, the mountain, underground,

Which, you fill,

That holds you always.
Within and without us,
Is this love.


Like the wind moves,
Not love, nor hate,
Only everything and nothing
At all; at once.


The depth of one's sorrow
Is the well's fathom,
Of meanings and moments
Shared with them.


Were it a cause that
Opened those tiny arms,
Alighting brilliance, a smile,
As I hugged him back, then,
It could not be known.
For, this child towards
The divine leads goes.
Would it be that we say,
It is not the life;
Rather, we know?


As acid rain from your closed eye,
An acre of rainforest falls each
Second, earth's tears bleeding;
For, all you see is grey.

V.E. Day

Denatured, this first,
Still, inside life's waters rise
To Spring's tides. We feel,
Below emotions ebbs and flows,
"...Go On"'s vernal
Raison d'etre, to not know!


Will of life's wind howls
There is no fear.
Being all the way live, 'til.


Tree's leaves found,
Though, they empty be,
May utter profound, and
Image immeasurably.


In which doings and not doings
Are done or aren't,
Brings life and light to them,
Or it doesn't.


Those more attached to
Living or dying,
Are more closely death.

Another Mournful Day

Tuesday, 28th of May, 2002, they say
the last girder to survive 9-11-01, at the
base of the World Trade Center, was
being removed. Solemn ceremony in
honor of the many deceased, as well as
relief workers, and volunteers took place.
The faces of the fallen were present and
they were remembered. The New York
City worker's silence, as that steels,
echoing America's doubts, unanswered
questions, born of grief, hardship and loss,
reflect what's still missing in our nation's
psyche, answers, as to why.

Not just those directed to God, reality,
derived from existential angst, also, those
"we", as a people, silently ask our souls.
Did they not prevent them purposely?
Stanzas of Longfellow's "Psalm of Life":
"In the world's broad field of battle,
In the bivouac of Life,
Be not like dumb, driven cattle!
Be a hero in the strife!
Trust no Future, howe'er pleasant!
Let the dead Past bury its dead!
Act, - act in the living Present!
Heart within, and God o'erhead!"

While still girded by cries for justice,
will "we", at least, stand on the land
of our birth and demand truth from
power, seizing the hour of our countries
need? Or, stand aside and watch as
humanities' slide into the abyss of history
follows those 3000 lives lost, and the
Twin Towers. Will this ever again be, the
land of the free, home of the brave? Or
will Liberties' torch be scorched forever?


They say, a
Rose by any other...,
Would still be...
Truly, yet, a
Direction symbolized
By a word, rose,
Fills the eye of mind,
Touches spirit,
Fathoms heart,
Aurally uplifts.
Life, taller in the
Saddle, richer in
Its roots, salutes.


Her quill beckoning,
We, blossoming, hear, feel, be
Worship, bliss, love of...


Sword that cuts all ways,
Without, for, there's no cutting;
And a pointless point.

One's Mental Cell

Built of walls of delusions,
Made with bricks of illusions,
Is one's hell.


Splitting of atom,
Cloning of adam, hubris;
Leads to extinction.


Hustled and bustled,
Still, hands only put to heart,
Beings, only art.


A sea of souls, one echoing all.
Clouds exclaim on the run,
Who is rolling by.
Watered thus and sunflowered,
Bringing forth abundance,
Earth's richness furthers.


When every moment is
Struggling with every
Fiber to inspire, expire
Breath, feeling is a
Dream deferred;
Unrealizable, they say.

Yet, to feel builds emotions,
Power innate; the thread
Interweaving the fabric of life.
Though, proscience projects
Thought is power, sensing,
Just informing, to be processed
By our computer, brain, for
Exigent programming.

Yet, conscience intuits that
Thoughts are emoting, voiced.
...That fear is naught, but,
Shadows of past's unintegrated
Experiences, cast over our
Presence and future. While both,
Integral to realizing insight,
Growth, balance and movement,
Are necessary to humanity.

"La Machine", uses them to rote
Us into unbeing an efficacious part
And parcel of it, an automaton.
More, better mechanistic survival,
The reason for human being;
In societies' eye. Who dares to
Disagree, all in for a penny, in
For a pound; mostly, decay bound.
Sides, delusions, clouding their eyes.

Though, feelings hibernating
Emerge with strength, through
Discipline, which Castaneda relates
As, "the art of feeling awe", they
Can be concentrated. Focusing,
Realizing reality on wing,
Imbued co-creation in flight.

As well, what of our soma's foci of
Attention, solutioning all life,
Through myriad interrelations?
What of the breadth of our
Perceptions, the depth of every-
Ones earthen interconnections?
...Of the intimacy, hearts fathoms,
Touch's immediacy, aural artistry?

Mammon says, "what of it", being
Doesn't make money, take control,
Projections do. "We" say, they're
Le raison d'etre, potentia evolving,
Humane being; alival. I would be
Just for a day, as a mayfly, if I were
More me, rather, than as long as
An eagle flies, selling out, killing.


Their innerselves, stretched canvasses
On that frameless frame, the world.
They being painted by life itself,
With reality as the brush.
The painting ever evolving,
The frame continually changing,
Their beingness as gleaned meanings
For all to share; seen through,
If they were there.


Addressing, not addressing them
Have costs, former is individual,
The latter is global, as well.


An artist isn't one who creates art,
For, all living beings do.
Palate, as you'd have it, sparce or
Abundantly, an expression of self.
The mystery of the suns grace,
Perceived by us within our eye as
An ethereal rainbow in kaleidoscope,
Always unfolding, is dabbed from and
Given to form; with reality,
The brush, holding us.
Betwixt those two we, being life, art,
Fill, and are fuller, still.
Not grasp or let go, it's all we know,
Feeling's reeling in living art.

"Take Me There"

Not separated from the state, mammon directs mollock to
ride ripshod over life,
Replacing business with warocide, humaneness with
premeditated murder.
Packaged and marketed in everything and one, it's the
extinction incarnate,
Alival undone. While the gov't's depts. of not knowing
determine no one will,
Millenias of folk wisdom sociologically muted, will soon be
genetically engineered out.
How, through la machines scientisms use of emotional de-
constructivism, numbing all.
To undermine the evolution, all real feeling, relation,
striving, fidelity, fraternity and love.
Arthur Miller knew, "when guns go boom arts die". What
do Goya's 82, on war, do for

You? This while, "art is a lie that tells the truth", according
to Picasso. Yet, scientism,
This secular societies religion of choice, is so popular
that neither its lies, nor its
Unmentioned truth, are allowed to be known; "we", must
just swallow it whole.
Though, while its an accepted medium of defraction,
realities light refracted through it,
Still details what's so, without. The cost of our co-
dependence on, denial of it?
They used to say, "war's good business, invest your
son", now, the price is your species.

What won't societies whorism, vampirism, economic
cannibalism destroy, only
The life, for, it's indivisible. Viva la evolution! How about
the institutions
That are meant to protect? "Naught, but, rags on the
back of our country", Mark Twain.
What can we do? Know all gov't scientists are political
ones first. question supposed
Professionalism and one of its roots, Cartesian defined
time; devolution in a package.
That gov't panacea for dehumanization is old. Do you
remember Rousseau said,
"Where are the citizens, I only see businessmen".
Question unnatural selection.

Know, as Howard Zinn, "media, artists are determining
people get in line around the
Perimeter of gov't power, yet, it's their job to transcend
that". Remember I.F. Stone's
Two words, "gov'ts lie". Think out of the ass. As artists,
how else can we address the
Elements of war, by the struggling with supposed
paradoxes as actuating artistic process,
Individuation, through creation of art. The artist
transcends mundane and worldly
Society, by envisioning perspectives, subjects, mediums,
styles, outside their framework,
Allows a looking glass in which the world, individual, and
reality are reflected.

The devolutionary mantra, "you've got to be
professional", is the most repetitive of their
Codes. That's all it takes for people to justify, self censor,
limit, not question, allowing all
Other, their piece of the rock too; everyone in for a
penny, in for a pound, decay bound.
Yet, it's necessary for artists to inspire paradigms in
which others can struggle with
Societies mechanistic mold of professional; worn like a
mask, whatever, is done behind it.
Thereby, facilitating feeling, views, discernments and
questioning of exigencies, et al.
Keep in mind Mark Twain's, "patriotism is loyalty to
country, not its institutions",
Emma Goldman's, "... is love of country, not gov't", and
Arthur Miller's, "... is
Indifferently bestowing custody of their country to state
depts.". Dumbing down most.

One of wars elements is one of the corporation's
convolution's roots, greed. It has always
Fueled their use of the gov't as a bat against the middle
class and lower, indigenous, etc.
Whereas, "we", struggling to be, wouldn't even bat an
eye in the direction of destruction.
As ever, souls simmering in humanities hearth, spirits
arising, can mean enough for all.
The war machines oiling itself with non, white, Christian, U.
S. blood escalates, Proving absolute power corrupts
absolutely and what Joseph Heller said, "war corrupts all
Who engage in it". Leonard Peltier reminds us that "the
innocent pay the highest price for
Injustice", and "the corrupt hate them". What else can we
all do, not be a link in the chain
Of murder, actuate potential, own responsibilities,
including civic, and teach anyone.
If you don't exercise responsibility, its siamese twinsister,
freedom, will wither, as well.
Berrigan wrote, "cause is the heart's beat, the children
born, the risen bread".
Peltier, "we're all related, all one". As Bob Marley sung,
"could you be..., then be...".

Shoulders Unbent

Humanities' call,
Being unburdening; a
Path less travailed.

Search And Rescue

Terrorism, thwarting passenger jets into missiles
Of war, while horrifying, testing sinew, trying
Soul, is a wake up call for all life.
Yet, not the destruction of thousands of lives
Taken, for, they'll live on in our hearts and minds.
Not, the destruction of the Twin Towers and
Pentagon, for, they'll be rebuilt, not, questioning
Of our humanity and freedom; rather, a challenge
To them that Americans will rise to meet.
As the sun will rise again!

"We", volunteers in cities, rising to each others
Sides, finding the fallen, hand to hand; some alive!
Rescuers, eyes haunted by devastation's effects,
Reply, " it's like apocalypse now". Words,
Embedded in their countrymen's spirits,
With the silent question, why.
No words to relate the concussive effects on the
Psyches of the living, who could've died.
Though, between their lines of, "luck, chance",
Uttered solemnly, shock's echoing silence now
Hears shouts of, "acts of war". Where will the
Imploring, or could they, lead?

This calculated mass destruction, its goals,
Loss of life, liberty, humanity, reason,
Its aim, implosion of societal symbols of power,
They think they realized, may be lightning in the
Worlds eyes, yet, soon will follow the thunder!
For, destruction and murder are delusion,
Not power!

Then, will we find the strength to remember,
The void realized by their delusional profits and
Pleasures, doesn't have to be filled by over
Reaction? Which would mirror their acts and
Reinforce cycles of war; a result their twisted
Wills wished for. Can we not be dehumanized,
As desired, adding fuel to their hysteria's fire?

Searching for our essence, can we rescue our
Innocence; eventually, waging peace to dispel
The cloud of sides? It filling eyes, lungs,
Thoughts and emotions, as those white flumes
Of ash, smoke, and fire; still rising.
Will we value life, again, as humanity?
Find the hand extended, that isn't yet, and
Lend ours to it?

A passenger's subdued, determined, cell call,
"We know, goodbye, we'll try and do what we
Have to." They brought the jet down in the
Woods, short of the populated, intended target;
Saving untold lives.
Will we do what we have to, now?


When they tell you to, ...
When it is, they want you to say, ...
When anything catches your eye, ...
When you've a feeling and don't know why, ...
When the words ... fit, ...
When living and dying are one, ...
... seeing doesn't relay, ...
... being hasn't meaning, it does, ...
... what's filling your eye, isn't, ...
... you feel nothing, feel it, ...
... worrying gets in the way, ...
..., not breathing or thinking, ....

"...Of..., By..., For...?"

Pondering the nature of
Some peoples character
Has led me to conclude,
Their despicable actions,
Though masked by
Purported concern, therapeutic
Intervention, are what's so.
Stories about the one legged
Baseball player, or
The man without a face,
While inspiring
In and of themselves,
Are poor masks for
The premeditated malpractice
That takes place within these walls.

A woman raped in the very
Corridor she must walk
Up and down; day in day out!
A man-child grew up here
Stories to tell, they, supposedly,
Allow to curse, intimidate and
Dominate others. Giving him
All the rope he wants, then
Snapping the noose;
Strapping down, drugging,
Seclusion. Without boundaries
What client wouldn't become
Out of hand; where's the care?

Their fabrications told over and
Over, manufacturing psych.
Histories, means to ends,
Political, social, religious to
Discriminate for delusional profits
And pleasures; remove competition.
Their best, counter-transference,
The opposite of mental health!
A heart can be killed, yet,
Heart never murdered!
Did they ever know the
First tenet of all helping
Professions, "do no harm"?


Talk the talk, walk the walk, and even
Be the be, but, if you don't vote the vote,
You won't ever be livin' in a democracy!


Life's song
The Abundance of
Joy's Spring!


You share yourself
With us, evoking
Words so true.
It does our hearts good
To be with you, being you!

i remember fourteen some

Essene, essence of a way
Lived, there, in his day.
Spirit enlightened soul speak
Through silences; mind reach.
Of love, walking a path
Heart blazened, compassion seasoned
Studying teaches, in between reasons
Does sun shine, wind fly,
Water float, earth rise,
Fire spark the self
Before your birth?
Do you glimpse, within mirth,
You unearthed?
Finding loss, holding the cost,
Seeing so, and, still,

Knowing you don't know?
What if baby jesus was murdered
By the premeditated program
Of the day, would it be night?
We, must uncover it today,
Or, there'll be no light!
Between lines, betwixt words,
Under the voweling,
Below the consonance,
Before "In the beginning there
Was...", un or heard,
Leaves of a tree gathered,
Blotched with His blood,
Bound by God; found
Lost, found, again
In the living human!


Worthily wrapped,  
Rain-bow unbroken, a gift
To the beholden.


Macroscopia allows a view,
Verdant brilliance, a star's birth.
Yet, our microscopicness ignores,
The atom should not be split.

400 years of supposed "science"
Has stolen the earth's richness,
Michaelangelos from the sky;
Is killing life as fast as
Before last ice age ensued.
Biophilia or necrophilia, choose!

Vie's evolving song is as silent as
A stone's ballad for being's loss.
Yet, manifest destiny rag drags on,
Turtle Island's shell won't cover,
Approaching abyss on the horizon.

Vitae's wail echoes crimson,
As acid rain from your closed eye
Falls, earth's tears bleeding;
For, all you see is grey.


One hundred thousand miles
Of red rivers flow,
In nature's rythm, we follow.
That tattoo of the heart
Brings us throughout
Our inner ways, felt full.

The unbeat, rhyme,
Eternal pulse of life,
Leads us from without,
Perceived by our mind's eye,
On our paths of heart;
From within. For,
We are the blood of life, so


Soul, freely bringing
Abundance, spirit seed sown,
Heart full, fruit borne!


As machinations of
Travailing winds,
Miraging, veil and mirror
Narcissistic nihlistic
False-ego, as self,
We evince to be!

To The Setting

Still, unknown to all,
I'll let the feet fall forward;
Well meet by earth, first!


Eternally danced, I,
A whirl unending
Within, am!


Still, they say, "We've all come to
look for America", maybe, in that day.
Stark, "we", see a child, Iraqi, mangled,
blood escaping her, to sand; by our hand.
Insides, out, life, soul, returning to....
A war on the insides, yours, mine, hers,
they no good where they are, pulsing life,
surging breath, uplifting spirit; not serving death.
When will we be as ancestors, needing to say,
" end all war"; what consumer of defacement
lurks in your soma, to rise before? The remocrats,
dempublicans, corporate agents one, all, don't
mind sleekly packaged, sci-fi winged, efficacious,
low body count war; just the next stepping stones
for ever increasingly centralized and cyclical
supposed garnering of delusional profits and
pleasures; realizing exponentially more real
deficits, deaths of eco-systems, species, babies
whose birthrights were ripped from them before
they were a twinkle in.... La machine's lust,
unquenchingly oiled by non-American, non-white,
non-Christian blood, bringer of flood, enthroned
mollock, war, as none will..., or have before.
Mesopotamia, birthed civilization, a depleted
uranium dirge forever unsounding, devouring
unseen flame, the life interred in sullen eyes,
seeing, not again, know, darkness looms every...;
the half-life being longer than theirs. A heart will
have no solace, until defilement of civilization
no longer bay.

Heading Home

While Joan Baez's rebel yell still resonates off
Austin City Limits' walls, everywhere echoes
its vibe. Yet, 'la machine's' daymare mass-
murders and rapes on, causing extinction. As
Elton John sings, "it's funny how one insect can
damage so much grain", you ask how humanity,
a nexus of 35 billion years of the evolution, was
undone: with 400 years of supposed: science,
religion, which are naught, but, denominations
of their lowest common denominator cult:
greed, war: mammon and mollock, their marital
bed, Gaia's half dead hide, raped by divide,
conquered with survive; and lies.

Corporate conspiracies' convolution's socio-
logically programmed determinism defined by:
destruction and murder are power; there's no
truth nor reality, only: winners, losers; prey,
predators; users, used; professionals are tools;
feelings are for fools; humanities' extinction is
inevitable and racing towards it will keep its
management fueling the oligarchies' rule, even
while billions are murdered, by not allowing
humanity enough time to defend; etc.; are the
delusional mental cells, made up of delusional
constructs like: materialism, built with
delusional bricks like: possession, using,
which they live in and want you to; don't exist.

This pen's unending point, though pointless, a
blade of grass uncut and uncutting, realities'
rapier, allows those projected hells while
breaking them up with Happy Rhodes' lyrics,
"there's a beacon in the sky meant to catch your
eye", and "words weren't meant for cowards";
so, "we" can begin again, learning: feelings are
power and the basis of all thought and action;
survival unwinds alival; exigency dispenses with
humanity; their scarcity based economic system
built on non-renewable fuels and earth-murder,
they mean to undo abundance with, will; oil
slavery must be abolished; all the unnatural
death and disasters they've planned for their
delusional profit and pleasure can be stopped.

The nuclear age they want to raise from
the dead to fuel their supposed Christian
blitzkrieg doesn't have to be borne again;
their "unending war" only manufactures
more terrorists, rogue states, necessitating
itself. "We" can stand and stop them, only
if you be the life and again embark on your
"road to find out", Cat Stevens' refrain! As
heart's tattoo is heard off in the distance,
Ruby Dee's twig of poetree recited on Def's
Poetry Jam awakens, "we" feel her words,
"...'naries fight with rats for cheese...", and
uplift all threads in the fabric of life, on the
move in mending the whole of it, as it ever was
and ever will be; for, "we" can't allow them to
tear it asunder. "We" can turn 360 degrees
around, back to the evolution and the future,
before it's too late; viva la evolution! (9-11-04)

"It Will Always Be This Way"

They dictate, "Write the Articles
Of the Evolution". I already
Wrote its co-founding document,
Coalescing of E, in '95. Besides,
There are none, it's self-evident
And perceivable by all. They
Want them to attack them, I feel.
Also, no writings can confer on
One what they refuse to be, free.

They deride, "freedom is your
Prison", well, let me tell you,
This nonexistent cells floor, walls
Ceiling couldn't vaster be. I'm in
Constant relation with trillions,
Like you and me. An expanding
Universe, possibly, one of an
Infinite number of verses; and
Only a gleaning of our inner-verse-
Indivisible, immutable, illimitable
Soma, in potentia, evolving, only
Part of the immensity of "We,…".

Sole Silences

An echoing inward, within,
Unbeckoning one, unheard,
Unfelt, unknowable, unsung,
Through which only one and a
Universe can unsing co-creation
Being, awakening, without, without.


Hunger strike against Iraqi War funding
Going strong, with Medea and Codepink.
"No more funds for war and occupation,
"We..." need healthcare and education".
"12 billion wasted on this war a month,
That's $5000. every second"; trillions
Your grandkids will pay higher taxes for
Their whole lives! Supplemental war
Bill will be voted on in a few days,
Bush wants another 184 million for it,
An unnecessary one, they hope to make
"Unending", Kofi Annan called "illegal";
McCain says, "it may last a 100 years"-
Don't let remocrats rob you, your kids,
Grandkids of their livlihoods, stop war
Funding, stop the war, now, bring our
Troops home; if you support them. Liz
Yelled across the street, "time to go",
Then cops arrested her, we were going
Home, it didn't matter, more police
Crime against free speech. Unlike the
Cries of 10 year old boys not let out of
Fallujah with their families so the next
2 generations of Iraqi men can be killed
Now, "We,...", will not be silenced.
They can't silence the global thundering
Cry for justice, "We, the people...",
Won't let them; tell Congress we want
Our families home. Stop the war, now!


I don't suffer, or, suffer from,
Eurocentrism, northern malaise;
Nor, academia, a blood disease.


eye needled, rich can't
go through to heaven.
there, surrounded,
life, at ease, sees me.
i see, feel welcome.
an unneedles eye asks why?


Fathomless, oceans
Murk, unrevealed, and my water,
Know, our day is done.


A 60 th: birth of Israel, and Al Nakba, mournful
Remembrance of atrocities in Palestine; you and I.
Two sides of the same coin? Spoils of war, what's
Left for.., after all has been..? Coin of the realm,
The destruction, murder that made it, and sides.
At 16 I said USSR and USA were these sides, racing
Towards each other, the closer they got, the more
Alike…, exigency replacing humanity, globally;
They're them in the Middle East, a mix of la
Machine, beast, et al; extinction incarnate.
Why there won't be anything but their peacing on
Each other, til they can war, waring pays 10 times
More and they broke the sky; as everybody knows?!
They just have to keep the convolutions show going
Long enough, deluding enough, so, you don't be
Change evolution needs; to stop the extermination
Of humanity they dictate. When 100 million are
Dying annually from unnatural disasters, instead
Of 10, when war over food, water, is more common,
And only military rules everywhere; peace will be
A notion, like love conquering all, dwindling moms
Tell kids, only when dads aren't around. Then,
Humanity will be dead, after that, human species,
Large mammals extinct. Why, `cause you believed
Their cons now, like sides existing, to destroy,
Kill, is profit, pleasure, etc.. If they wanted
Peace there would be. Why do the convolutions lies
Fly, `cause you let them. The life is indivisible,
Divide and conquer only works on the divided. Be.


Assbackwards, just the way the terrible twos,
Bipolar axi, remocrat/totalitarian conspiracy
Like it. The gloves, their collaborators,
Dempublicans, socialists, making humanities
Extermination now, extinction later, reality.
Supposedly, they're diametrically opposed,
While they collaborate in genocide, etc.. War
On every nonremocrat male, from middle-class
To poor, you must be one side, or the other;
Not them, you're the enemy. In capitalist
Society, totalitarians play a supporting role,
As money plays in totalitarian ones; the ol'
Cold war fix still in. Their rabid militarist
Jaws locked on, humanity can't exist until
They're gone. Pedocide programs, remocrats
Pride and joy, one, where military sexually
Abuse kids with potential, who they deem
Won't grow up to be remocrat; target group,
White boys- destroy their competition before
They become it, and adults. All conspiracies
Collaborate with them to varying degrees,
Manufacturing rule by most nazi conspiracy;
And nazism as way of life. We, the people,
Shouldn't grind up the seeds. How did this
Happen, by almost all embracing their
Devolutionary direction, the corporate
Structures, la machines, convolution. Only
Way to change that, is to change everything,
Uplifting all life, devaluing conspiracy in
Everyway, every moment, everyday; feeling.
Thinking through their bricks of illusions,
That make their walls of delusions, in their
Mental cells, their personal hell; human,
Being alival, not, la machines survival- now.

No Winners or losers

Winning is losing without the benefits.
Also, there is no how you're playing
The gaming, for, if you're playing
The gaming, the gaming is playing you.  


They think with spooned nose,
Speak with forked tongue,
Will, "we...", be undone?

five easy pieces

To thine ownself be who, and
While you're being what you are,
Remember this, to follow your path
Of heart: how, where, when, and,
Sometimes, why; forever unanswered.


If you’re paying for them by the dollar,
They’re not worth a dime.



original sin



Soul, freely bringing
Abundance, spirit seeding,
Sown, heart fruit baring.

To The Setting...

Still, unknown to all,
I'll let the feet fall forward;
Well meet by earth- first.


Eternally dance,
And danced, I, a whirl not
Ending, within, am.


Is like the wind moves,
Not love, nor hate, only all
And nothing; at once.


Those more attached
To living or dying, are
So more closely death.

one's mental cell

Delusional walls,
Built with illusional bricks;
One's personal hell.


Life's song, the abundance of
Joy's Spring, flowering!

Shoulders Unbent

Humanities’ call,
Being unburdening; a
Path less travailed.


Hustled and bustled,
Still, hands only put to heart,
Beings, only art.


Splitting of atom,
Cloning of adam, hubris;
Leads to extinction.


Her quill beckoning,
We, blossoming, hear, feel, be
Worship, bliss, love of…


Will of life's wind howls
There is no fear. being all
The way live, until....


Meanings and moments
With them, heart well's fathom, and
Depth of one's sorrow.

Ring Unbroken

Way open, beyond
Time, bone of space, in front of
Nose, original face.


A raindrop forming
In love's eye, joy, sadness, falls.
Abundance, let go.


Fire in the sky, spirit,
Life, abundant, and your art,
Entering my eye,

Rainbow's Orange Gift

Blood, forever pours,
No drop spilt, truth, yellowing,
Not, palette of be!


Address, not address,
Costs, the former is one's, the
Latter is global.


Not exercised,
Its Siamese twin sister,
Freedom, withers, too.


Talk, talk, walk the walk,
But, if you don't vote the vote,
no democracy.

ends or means

Embrace neither, do,
Struggle well run, uplifts, un-
Crowned, when humans race.


Sword that cuts all ways,
Without, for, there’s no cutting;
And a pointless point.


Life's signs and meanings
Perceived by foci of
Attention, divine.


They think with spooned
Nose, speak with forked tongue,
Will, "we...", be undone?


Don't suffer, or, ... from,
Eurocentrism, academia,
Nor, northern malaise.

five easy pieces

To thine ownself be
Who, your heart path: how, where, when,
Why, unanswered.

winning is, losing, without benefits

If you pay for them
By the dollar, those heroes
Aren't worth a dime.

winning is losing, without the benefits

There's no how you're play-
Ing the gaming, for, gam-
Ing is playing you.

stand for something

Not all those deluded
By sides are squares, glean, grace can't
Be sought, it seeks you.

daunt   (a quadruplet of haiku)

When they tell you to, ...,
When they want you to say, ..., When
Anything catches your eye, ....

When not feeling, breath-
Ing or thinking, ..., when worry-
Ing gets in the way, ....

... seeing doesn't relay?, ...,
... what's filling your eye, isn't?, ...,
... you feel nothing, feel it, ....

When being hasn't
Meaning, it does, ..., when living
And dying are one, ....

amadou diallo, assassinated, by nypd's 41 bullets

Your life gift, shows how
We're not.  Taking our own lives,
By not doing all....

Sharing Yourself With Us

Evoking words, true,
It does our hearts good to be
With you, being you.

Machinations Of Travailing Winds Miraging

Veil, mirror, as self.
Narcissism, nihlism, ego.
"We,...", evince to be.

they being painted by life itself (couplet of haiku)

Artists, wield the brush,
Reality, on a frameless
Frame, the world, painting

Evolving, being,
Gleaned meanings for all to share,
Seen, if they were there.

being, painted by life, itself

Artists, wield the brush,
Reality, on a frameless
Frame, the world, painting

Evolving, being,
Gleaned meanings for all to share,
Seen, if they were there.

The nexus, more than yourlove's summit, and
Less than the fathom of your heart.

When (a couplet of haiku)

A sea of souls, one
Echoing all, clouds exclaim
On wing, Whose flying by.

Watered thus and
Sunflowered, bringing forth
Abundance, furthers.

silenced siren (a pentuplet of haiku)

As soul, brought to not
Know, with Obsolescence of
Rights, forests gone, Ms

Liberty's torch scorched,
Bell cracked, knell snatched, how
Could she go on, yet,

Borne in arms drawn from
Beyond man's loss, bearing that
Cross, we, midwived

Through the body of
Blue, go, for, we hear the call
Resounding from earth,

As sun burns, springs burst,
Gaia's silence implores,
Be not my stillbirth!

"...What's Love Got To Do With It..."

They say, a rose by any other...,
Would still be as sweet....
Every 9 seconds a woman is raped
By someone who says he loves her.
Give a real gift to sisters,
And brothers, all, reach one,
And teach one, to not be a
Link in that patriarchal chain,
Not adding to that number of
Humanities bane, not a statistic
in la machine's game, ever;
From this Valentine Day on.


Above..., and beyond..., they fly,
Betwixt earth and sky,
Feathers fully feeling the wind,
Reality, on high, at once message, messenger,

As betwixt the profane and sacred,
In the mundane, realism, we walk.

Some musings, as well :) Not all those deluded by sides
are squares; Grace can't be sought, it seeks you, if
you...; Winning is losing without the benefits; There is
also no how you're playing the gaming, if you're playing
the gaming, the gaming is playing you; If you don't stand
for something, you'll fall for anything; If you don't "turn
on" politics, politics will turn on you (Nader); Music is life's
song accompanying the abundance of joy's Spring. Viva
la evolution, viva green party! Write on! "Painting is
poetry which is seen and not heard, and poetry is a
painting which is heard but not seen." ~ Leonardo da
Vinci What do you think? From the heart in the heart of
the heartland. As always, feel free to copy and share, as


Short literary bio.   :)

Into poetic revelation and workshop as individual and
group therapeutic milieu. Being a member in, and
involved with A.A.P., I.A.W.A., A.P.R., Teacher's and
Writer's Collaborative, I.W.W.G., Univ. of the Sts., Quest,
Lummox, Nomad's Choir, Poet's House, St. Mark's Poetry
Project, Bridge-In-Making, Beans About It, Medicinal
Purposes, P.E.N. Friend, et al, has inspired; as has
featuring on my multi-art show, "Matutinally Watered
Poetree" on Manh. cable, and other t.v. and radio shows,
events! I've been a co-editor, assistant editor, written
columns, etc.; and have had over 1400 works published
in the last 12 years, alone. As well, currently a regional
editor for Poet To Poet; out of N.Y.C..  

What do you think?.  "Painting is poetry which is seen
and not heard, and poetry is a painting which is heard
but not seen." ~ Leonardo da Vinci.  Lest "we" forget, if
you don't exercise responsibility, its Siamese twin sister,
freedom, will wither, like a muscle, as well. Sadly, now, it
first needs to be exorcized before its exercised. Viva la
evolution!  For those interested :) "of or pertaining to the
morning, day :) relating to or happening in the morning or
in the early part of the day ( formal ), (Mid-16th century,
from late Latin matutinalis, from Matuta, goddess of the
dawn.)". As always, feel free to copy and share, as well.
Thanx! Enjoy an vernal eve' as you can. Ciao, for now.

Matutinally Yours,

james m nordlund   reality (aja) :)